Competitive Market Analysis

How To Gain Influence & Captivate Your Most Important Buyers

Craft A Compelling Story. Influence Sales.


As sales professionals, we all know the importance of understanding our customers and delivering needed solutions. But how do we do that in today's rapidly evolving market landscape? In this video, you discover his proven approach to penetrating your most important customers, crafting a compelling story, and gaining more influence. 

Watch and Learn:

 What buyers want, and how to deliver it

  How to identify and close opportunity gaps

  Why consultative selling is the cheat code to beat competitors

Tom Fox
Partner, Fox Sales Coaching

Tom’s entire career has been spent in the beverage industry on both the distributor, supplier and consulting sides of the business.

The vision of Fox Sales Coaching is to improve how our clients sell and coach.  The bulk of his career has been in the areas of Category Management, National Accounts and developing sales professionals and managers – in order to exceed the expectations of retailer and operators.

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Competitive Market Analytics

Ready to take over the market and win prime placements for your brand? 

Fintech’s state-of-the-art market data, crafted in collaboration with Circana, formerly IRI, has got you covered. With our cutting-edge analytics, you’ll have the power of cold, hard facts to impress your buyers. Use our market intelligence to craft compelling, data-driven sales pitches that help you champion your brand. 

Secure National Placements

Land hard-to-get meetings and map insight-to-action paths to wow prospects at every defining moment.

Discover New Market Opportunities

Find new areas to increase distribution points and your share of the Bev Alc market.

Optimize Your Portfolio

Analyze competitor performance and current trends to fine-tune strategies, improve margins, and boost revenue.

Inform Product Development

Identify and leverage emerging market trends to align your products with consumer preferences, boosting your brand’s competitive edge.

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Ready to level up?

Start Presenting Consultative Solutions To Your Buyers.