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For Suppliers

Competitive Market Analysis | STX

For Suppliers

Competitive Market Analysis

Turn complex beer, wine, and spirits data into actionable, easy to use dashboards with best in class off-premise chain retail sales data, exclusively available through our alliance partnership with IRI.

  • Product & Pricing: Identify trends to create products in line with consumer demand and analyze competitive pricing to optimize your strategy.
  • Sales Optimization: Arm your sales reps with actionable market intelligence to fight for shelf space and identify top markets for growth.
  • National Account Management: Optimize your chain strategy with competitive performance analysis across key off-premise accounts.
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For Suppliers


Easily manage your sales, inventory, pricing, and brand performance at key accounts like Target and Walmart with consolidated, interactive dashboards.

  • Inventory and Pricing Analysis: Operate more clearly with cleansed and consolidated data in one application for a single source of truth. View daily inventory by store and distributor and quickly compare pricing state by state.
  • Brand & Item Performance: Get laser focused in your analysis and filter by distributor, state, or brand with customizable time frames.
  • Marketing and Promotion Optimization: Easily track brand and store performance against promotional activities, and target marketing with store demographic profiles.
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Client Testimonials

Fintech’s Competitive Market Analysis has allowed Fremont Brewing to leapfrog many of the growing pains and lessons of similarly-sized breweries and operate our sales program with a level of sophistication equal to or, in some cases, greater than breweries many times larger. Of course, working with Doug is also a rewarding experience in itself because he is filled with industry insight.

Matt Lincecum


Fremont Brewing, Seattle

Fintech’s Competitive Market Analysis provides our collective of independent craft breweries with sales intelligence solutions that make us smarter and more nimble. Their technology is world-class and easy to use, and it allows our commercial teams to quickly identify market opportunities and provide actionable data insights to our partners throughout the three-tier system. The resources and support that the InfoSource team delivers help us to compete at a much higher level and, ultimately, more effectively grow our topline and market share.

Chris Russell

Chief Commercial Officer


The rapid growth of our business and account base has created large amounts of raw sales data. [Competitive Market Analysis from Fintech] has given us the ability to perform meaningful analysis, empowering us to become a more impactful partner with our distributors. The IRI cooperative has provided Terrapin Beer Co. access to far more syndicated data than we would have had otherwise. The software presents the data in a user friendly format that is intuitive and influential with key decision makers and our entire sales team. We believe this is an indispensable tool for our company’s long-term success in an increasingly crowded market.

Dustin Watts

VP of Sales & Marketing

Terrapin Beer Co.

As Director of National Accounts for SweetWater, access to actionable retailer sales data is a vital component to the success of the department and the brewery. As the Director of a newly created National Accounts department, it is even more vital that the information be easily accessible and presented in a turn-key format ready for retailer and wholesaler presentations. [Competitive Market Analysis] fits that need extremely well and has proven to be a valuable resource across all levels of the brewery.The team has delivered value through being an open, flexible business partner. I’ve had multiple conversations about product enhancements, optimizing markets and RMA’s and discussing the best ways to illustrate measures such as lift and VPO, all of which ultimately resulted in them becoming an even stronger resource. As a craft brewery, it’s extremely encouraging to know that we have an important voice in the design, development, and market selection of such a critical business tool and know that Armadillo is committed to growing with us and the other industry leading breweries included in the partnership.

Scott Lindhardt

Director of National Accounts

Sweetwater Brewing

With [Competitive Market Analysis], we found an extremely user-friendly and dynamic way of looking at data. And, most importantly, our entire Sales Team is now equipped with a tool to look at and present data. Whether it is distributor management, account management, chain management, or beyond, this solution outfits your team with an extremely unique and powerful set of visual tools. Beyond the clear benefits of the program, I have found the team to be passionate advocates of Independent Craft Beer and a strong partner as we compete in the ever changing Craft Segment. I strongly recommend that any Craft Brewer should explore these immense capabilities with Fintech.

Ryan Greenway

Director of National Accounts

Great Lakes Brewing

Competitive Market Analysis provides a craft brewer analytical support that rivals the information technology of mass brewers. The technology is world class and easy to use for multiple levels in our sales and marketing organization. The IRI function allows a craft brewery to quickly identify market opportunities like we have not been able to in the past. The team is flexible and fast. They deliver the information on-time and are always looking for ways to improve the program’s functionality. Simply put, this is helping to level the playing field for craft brewers.

Bobby Dykstra

Director of National Accounts

Boulevard/Duvel USA

Craft Brewing is an exciting industry with a huge entrepreneurial spirit. Like many entrepreneurial businesses, it comes with its challenges. One of those challenges is the lack of current data about our products once they leave the brewery. [Competitive Market Analysis] gives us the ability to monitor our beers and similar brands in the marketplace. By having that data, we are able to offer more strategic solutions to our wholesalers and offer consumers more of what they are looking for. It is amazing how much smarter Victory Brewing Company is with the addition of these insights!

Steve German

VP of Sales

Victory Brewing Company


Beverage Program Management | Margin Analysis

For Retailers

Beverage Program Management

Optimize your beverage program with our streamlined solution designed to help you monitor program execution across all of your on-premise retail locations.

  • Purchasing Compliance: Seamlessly audit purchasing with visualized reports that make it easy to monitor program compliance across your footprint.
  • Marketing Optimization: Maximize marketing and have confidence in your on-program volume and spend by brand and supplier.
  • Program Expansion: Identify opportunities with the ability to drill into products and quickly uncover what’s being purchased outside of your beverage program.
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For Retailers

Margin Analysis

Easily analyze margins across your off-premise locations with your vendor data aligned to your POS data.